How To Maintain Your Curly Hair Weave or Synthetic Weave/Wig

Before you became the queen of human hair, chances are you’ve rocked synthetic weaves a few times.

Not that synthetic weaves are that bad, but with little or no care they can turn to iron sponge.

Don’t be pressured, if your budget is too tight not to afford a good human hair. My dear don’t kill yourself, opt for synthetic.

There are some good synthetic weaves that with proper care, you will love having them.

And we will tell you how to apply that proper care for your synthetic and curly weaves.

Synthetic fibres tangle (especially curly) more easily than real hair does. This means that more care and attention is needed. The following practical solutions can help you calm and manage synthetic fibres on a regular basis:

  • Don’t brush wigs with a tight curl. Instead, use your fingers to gently remove tangles. Brush only when wet, with a good weave brush or a wide-toothed comb. Don’t comb it more than twice a day – too much combing causes curly wigs to shed.


  • Follow the washing instructions. For curly wigs, take care not to squeeze the hair in the water.
  • Experts recommend air drying your curly wig on a mannequin or wig stand. This will allow the set curl pattern to return.
  • Never use products with mineral oils on your curly wig. A water-based spray-on moisturiser is best. You can also make your own moisturising spray by mixing one third glycerin (an ingredient that draws moisture into your hair) and two-thirds water.

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